Joyetech eGo-T Upgrade USB Battery

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Based on the eGo-T standard battery, this battery features an internal charging chip and a mini USB port at base. The battery can be charged using mini USB, standard USB cable, or wall adapter. This Joyetech upgrade battery has two modes to switch to and from: the constant voltage output mode and the variable voltage output mode.

  1. The protection switch has the lock/unlock function, making it safer and easier to use which can prevent accidental battery discharge when not in use.
  2. Cap protects mini USB port at base of battery
  3. The battery may be charged by using an USB cable charger or wall adapter.
  4. It can also be charged using mini USB port at base of battery.
  5. Screw the battery on the atomizer, gently push cartridge into the atomizer, and it's ready to use.
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh/1000mAh
  • Length: 85mm/108mm
  • Constant Voltage Output Mode
    • Illuminates Blue
    • 3.3V Output
  • Variable Voltage Output Mode
    • Illuminates Orange
    • Output Varies with Battery Life
  • Lock/Unlock Function
  • Mini USB Charging Port
  • Box Includes:
    • 1x eGo-T Upgrade USB Battery